Montgomery Area Chapter Military Officers Association of America
Montgomery Area ChapterMilitary Officers Association of America

Out of an abundance of caution and with COVID-19 concerns rising, the Board has cancelled all live events.  The Board will monitor the process of the disease to determine when we can host in person events.


We have restarted monthly "virtual" luncheons with guest speakers.  Instructions for using Zoom to attend these luncheons are in each issue of the River Region Report.  Make sure you get the link either from the Newsletter or from our email list.  If you are not on our emal list, send an email to Steve Linder.  Email is on the right side of each page.

Maxwell Pharmacy Procedures Update


 Every time I would call the pharmacy line to initiate a new prescription I would hear them talk about secure messaging as a means to better communicate with them.  So I decided to give it a try.  I signed up and had occasion to need two prescriptions filled.  So I got on line and sent the request to have them filled.  I received an email the following day informing me that it was filled and could be picked up 24 hours from the time I sent the email.  Sure enough 24 hours later I was able to get my filled prescriptions.  This was so much easier than calling and then waiting from 48-72 hours to pick up the filled prescription.  

Maxwell Pharmacy Newsletter, March 2021
Pharmacy Newsletter Mar 2021.pdf
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MAC MOAA River Region Report, March 2021
MAC MOAA River Region Report, Mar 2021.d[...]
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Hot News Items:


-- Day Street Gate:  Will close Friday, March 12th at 6 PM, and will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Kelly Street Gate: Will be reopening Monday March 15th.


-- The VA Clinic at the Chantilly Parkway is scheduling COVID vaccine appointments at 1-866-601-1079.  However, you will need to be enrolled in the Veterans Healthcare system to get the shot.  If you can the number above, they call tell you if you are enrolled in the system.  If you are not enrolled, they will transfer you to the eligibilitty and enrollment department.  Currently, only Veterans 55 years and older are eligible.

Instructions for Participating in a MAC MOAA Zoom Virtual Meeting
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MOAA and DOD Clarification of Military Pharmacy Availbility (Posted here April 15, 2020)
DOD and MOAA Clarification Military Phar[...]
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IMPORTANT! Update on Maxwell Pharmacy Prescription Service
Updates on the Maxwell Pharmacy Service.[...]
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MAC MOAA Member Emergency Assistance Phone Directory
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Welcome to Website of the Montgomery Area Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America

The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) is a nonprofit,nonpartisan association dedicated to maintaining a strong national defense and, most importantly, to preserving the earned entitlements of the uniformed services and their families and survivors.  No other organization serving officers is so dedicated and so successful.


Joining a Chapter like the Montgomery Area Chapter (MAC/MOAA) provides grass roots support needed to pass legislation to protect and enhance the interests of those still serving and those who have served in our nations' military.  MAC MOAA is affilated with the Military Officers Association of America.


For more information on joining, click on the Join Us or "Click Here to Join" button at the top left of each page.  For any questions or for more information, click on on the bottom right of each page.


If you are interested in Federal Legislation that may affect you as a military officer, you will find MOAA National's "Take Action Center of interest.

Fifty Eight of MAC MOAA's Vietnam Vets honored at our Veterans Day Luncheon Novmeber 8, 2018.  Our gest speaker, Major General Rothstein and Alabama Council of Chapters President Dave Jenson are at the extreme right of the photo.  Available below are the handout listing our member's Vietnam stories and the extended version.  Both are Word documents and can be downloaded and printed.

Extended Version of MAC MOAA Vietnam Vets List
Extended Version of MAC MOAA Vietnam Vet[...]
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An Electronic version of the handout at the Vietnam Vets Luncheon
Vietnam Veteran's Salute List, FINAL, Oc[...]
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Coming Events

MAC MOAA holds monthly luncheons with interesting and distinguished guest speakers such as then MOAA President, Admiral Norb Ryan. Click above for more information.



Special Events


Chapter members enjoy trips, cruises, visits to historic places and plays.  Click on the button above for the latest activities.




MAC MOAA annually awards Scholarships to deserving local students.  For rules and applications, click on the button above.



This website was a MOAA "5 Star" winner in 2019 & 2020

Join Us Today!

Join MAC MOAA by contacting Col Smith or by filling out and mailing in the application below.

Our Membership Chairman is Col Nelson "Smitty" Smith.  He may be contacted at 334-834-9383 or

Webmaster: Col Steve Linder

For more information use the email link below:


Last updated: March 17th 2021

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